KATE is our real-time communication platform built on a network connecting points around the world for the best in private, global communications. A highly decentralized system with data centers across the world that can easily handle your local calls along with calls across the globe. Whether you need SIP Trunks, a full blown PBX solution, or SMS messaging, KATE will deliver.


If you are looking to connect your PBX/VoIP system to high performance SIP Trunks, KATE Konnect is what you are looking for. KATE Konnect will talk to just about any PBX system that supports the SIP Protocol and deliver high volume inbound and outbound calls.  Systems like 3CX, Asterisk, Softswitch, Allworx, (and more), can securely connect to Kate

Kate Kloud PBX

We will set you up with your own cloud PBX, connect all your numbers and manage your PBX for you.  Bring your own VoIP phone or we can recommend and get them for you. Each user will have access to their own User Control Panel from any browser to setup call routing (Find Me Follow Me), check voice mail, and more. Based on Asterisk and scales well for upstart or veteran businesses.  Kate Kloud will continue to work even if you lose power or internet connectivity.

Kate Premise PBX

Do you have your own data center or just want to have your PBX on site? Kate Premise PBX is your solution. With the same features of Kate Kloud PBX*, the physical hardware (or VM) will sit in your system. We'll train you on how to manage Kate, or you can remotely let us.   (*Kate does require a reliable internet connection otherwise Kate will not answer or route calls for you.)

Affordable Pricing

Since Kate is based on a custom built, designed for communication, international system, not only is Kate reliable, Kate is very affordable.  For fractions of a penny for usage charge (includes FCC, UCF, and taxes), plus $1.00 for a phone number, and $2.95 for E911, you'll save big with Kate.

How big?  That depends on a number of factors - how many people in the office, how many on the phone at the same time, internationally calling, remote office locations, etc.  Here are some typical scenarios:

  • 1 Business Line, 1 User, VM Box, average phone usage, local+CA+MX : $15/month

  • 1 Business Line, 16 Users, Auto-Attendant/Routing, VM Boxes, average phone usage, local+CA+MX : $250/month

  • 1 SIP Trunk, 10 Concurrent Calls, average phone usage, local+CA+MX : $50/month

Connect with Kate to get a detailed quote to see your savings.