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Encrypt/Send Sensitive Data

May 22, 2018

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HELP! I lost my luggage and can't get home.

June 19, 2017

OK, I ask myself daily, when will this madness end of what appears to be such obvious email phishing/spam attaches.  But then I have to focus on the word "obvious". What's 'obvious' to me being a computer developer may not be 'obvious' to others. Thus the email from Nigeria about your relative who lost their passport and money might actually be plausible. (It isn't). Or the notice from FedEx about your package that is going to be returned unless you open the ZIP file attached to the email. (Also not real).


Or how about [enter your bank name here] sending you an email about new terms and services that you need to click on to authorize.


Then receiving an email message from a family member saying, "hey, I'm using this new app to chat with my friends, you should download it so we can do the same."


Fraud. Spam. Malware. Exploitation. It's all around computers.


I have one perfect solution to all these exploitive emails.... If you get an unattended email from your bank/credit card/etc. call your provider or simply delete the email - if it's important, they will call back or send you a letter through the good old post offfice.

Stop fraud. One email at a time.


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