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Encrypt/Send Sensitive Data

May 22, 2018

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Once Upon a Time. Today(ish)

May 19, 2017

Once upon a time, in a not to distant past, there existed an important Royal Company that was protected by four Knights. Knight Everybody who was put in charge of the Fortress Project was pleased with the work his Knights did. When the Royal Company meet with Knight Everybody, they concluded that since there wasn’t even a small disturbance, the Fortress Project must have been successful and congratulated Knight Everybody. 


Until one day, a dragon (or two) appeared and quickly destroyed the Royal Company. The four Knights managed to escape unharmed. After righting a partially charred table, they sat down and tried to figure out what happened.


After much yelling, debating, and finger pointing, they discovered that Knight Everybody delegated the Fortress Project to Knight Somebody who thought that Knight Anybody was already working on it. Knight Anybody had no clue about any project and was playing Dungeons and Dragons all day long. After further review they discovered that Knight Nobody really worked on the Fortress Project. Thus it must have been Knight Nobody's fault, however Knight Nobody pointed out that Knight Somebody should have told Knight Anybody or Knight Everybody that he, Knight Nobody, was working on the Fortress Project. Ultimately they concluded that it was Knight Nobody's job.


The dragons were happy that Knight Nobody did his job well.


Time passed.


Knight Everybody, Knight Somebody, Knight Anybody and Knight Nobody were pleased that they were quickly appointed positions in a new Royal Company.


The dragons were happy to hear that as well.

Whether you're a small or large Royal Company, verify that your Fortress Project includes multiple layers of protection - (1) Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Security Software (Anti-virus/malware); (2) Data Backups - both on premise and in the cloud; (3) Machine Backups - virtual/on premise and cloud; (4) Routine OS Updates; (5) Routine Intrusion testing; and (6) Routine Recovery tests;



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