CommuniKate  -  Communication System
Non-Profit Benefit

Effective Immediately

Inline Technology has obtained special pricing for non-profit organizations to upgrade their phones to CommuniKate communication system for $4.95 per extension/month plus minutes (as low as 1.9 cents).


  • Free basic phone for each extension ($59.00 value)

  • Voice Mail

  • Email or SMS notification of VM message

  • Basic Auto-Attendant (optional)

  • Music On Hold

  • Find Me - Follow Me - call routing

  • Plug Anywhere - plug your phone in anywhere (network) and it'll be on the system (home/multiple locations)

Fax options are available (hosted - direct to email or a physical fax machine)

CommuniKate is in the cloud so she'll work 24/7/365 even if you unplug your phone. As long as you have an Internet connection, Kate will find your phone(s) and ring them even if you move a phone from location to location. Create a virtual office by placing phones where ever your support staff is - in your office, in your home, or even in a different state!

This offer is good through the end of this year (December 31st, 2017) 

Carlton Guc

216-221-4600 x 197