CommuniKATE - Business Phone System

General Information - KATE is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system that uses a industry standard PBX (Asterisk) along with a purpose built network of computers for SIP Trunk routing. Think of the PBX being your phone, and the Trunk being the phone line.

What makes KATE unique is the powerful SIP Trunk backend. This is where your phone numbers live and in a system that was built specifically for voice, video and SMS. Data centers are all around the world and provide the fastest traffic at the lowest cost.

Average savings are 50% of your existing phone service!

KATE can be deployed in a number of ways.

KATE SIP - You have a PBX on site and want to route phone traffic to KATE SIP. Any phone system that can connect to a SIP Trunk via SIP can connect to KATE.

KATE PBX Cloud - This is a full blown PBX in the cloud. Managed 24/7. Even if you lose power or internet, KATE Cloud will answer your calls. Some features include: Auto Attendants; Voice Mail; Find Me/Follow Me; Fax; Fax to Email; Conference Rooms. Any VoIP phone can connect to KATE. We recommend the Grandstream line of phones for the best value.

KATE PBX Premise - the same as KATE PBX Cloud but on your equipment.