Master Software Development

Our development team has a vast amount of experience writing software. We wrote software that manages logistics for a company that started out with a few guys and now is a $50m enterprise. Security software that became Norton Antivirus. SFX, an industry changing software that changed how audio and show control is used in the theatrical/themed/entertainment sector. Quality Assurance applications for manufacturing, and Internet of Things (IoT/M2M) services for monitoring house arrest.

No project is too small (few dozen lines of code to save 5 minutes a day) to large retained projects that we continue to develop for long periods of time as business needs evolve.


Our favorite language is C# with additional masteries in C++, Java, JavaScript, VB.NET, Python, Perl, PHP.  Databases: MS SQL Server, SQLite. Tools: Visual Studio, MPLAB, LabVIEW, NetBeans.

We develop websites, Window Form Applications, Windows 10 Applications, Android, Apple, Firmware, Cellular Applications (Telit modules).