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Experts in Full Stack Coding, System Integration and Optimization, Efficiency Consulting, Internet of Things (IoT) development, and rapid prototyping of complex systems.

Featured Projects

Without disclosing any client confidential information, here is a sampling of projects.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is the business choice for a comprehensive phone system today. Usually a cloud based service, VoIP provides a huge array of features at a very reasonable cost. So popular we spun this off into a separate business unit at

asset tracking

An entire system built from the ground up to track Assets via GPS through a cellular network using Internet of Things (IoT/M2M). Text message notifications, SQL database storage, Azure Data Services, Portal Website and custom prototypes of next generation product using internal 3D design services, 3D and laser printers. All development in house.

security - antivirus

On our development team is one of the original developers of Norton Anti-Virus. After retiring from Symantec, our development team lead projects related to preventing malware and website filtering for children.


In the mid 1990's our development team revolutionized Audio Playback and Show Control for the entertainment sector. SFX quickly became the industry standard for theaters around the world, cruise ships, theme parks, exhibits, schools and local theatres.


Numerous projects include managing logistics, shipping, receiving and scheduling. One of our clients uses software to manage orders by sending out end user emails, printing labels, and requesting pickups from shippers. (No Amazon isn't our client, but the system we developed is similar). Another client has to manage 30 thousand gallon train cars!! All developed to give a dashboard overview while providing quick access to scheduling and tasks.

job placement

Managing 50 thousand resumes a year and thousands of job placements for a client that has numerous locations in Ohio and Michigan takes a system that is easy to use and can keep in constant contact with end clients placed in these temporary positions. Client Server based, web API, email and SMS is part of this system that keeps our client ahead of their competition.

quality assurance

Validating hardware built for the medical industry is serious business. So is building a system flexible enough to support a product line that continues to change and grow over time. A browser based solution that also connects to physical external equipment provides a system that automates testing.

[new project]

So. What is your need?



We use industry standard technologies to build products for our clients to ensure the best user experience and long term support. The end solution matters most for our clients while we focus on the behind the scene tools to make it work.

Some of the technologies we are experts in:

Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Workspace, PostGres SQL, Microsoft SQL, Linux, Windows, Android, C#, C++, Assembly Language, JAVA, JAVA Script, T-Script, Apple, VoIP, .NET, ASP.NET, HTML, IoT/M2M, Firmware (various MCUs), LabView, Python, VMWare, 3D Design and 3D Printing, Arduino, Entity Framework, Client/Server, Window Forms, IIS, and Asterisk (PBX).

The bottom line is that Inline Technology is a Full Stack developer that can build all layers for your project from hardware, 3D design/printing, databases, web portals, and applications.